Overview of our service offerings

Microsoft Office Consulting

Who doesn’t know it already: You work in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and try for hours and in some cases in vain to achieve the desired result. The knowledge is based on “learning by doing”, which has worked quite well so far. Our Microsoft Office support, advice and training gives you the opportunity to acquire a lot of new, practical and useful knowledge for everyday work and to be able to use it efficiently. You also have the opportunity to use your time differently, efficiently and to give us the task of optimizing your everyday life and automating your documents. We are happy to help you.

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Planner and many other Microsoft 365 apps are a special part of our training and consulting services. In a decentralized team structure, it is even more important to know collaboration techniques for value-adding and active team work, independent of location and device and to be able to use them efficiently.

Personnel (Technical Assistant)

Many founders and startup companies know the problem of “focusing”. Finally you have made the decision and the courage to start your own company and offer your own services and products, you quickly realize that you have to take too much care of the administrative, the invoices and the phone instead of the customer acquisition and marketing. Thanks to our personal assistants, who are also happy to answer all your technical questions and thereby support you, you have the opportunity to take care of your core business, your company and your dream. We work remotely and support you at all times.