Personal (Technical) Assistant

Contacting Xcell IT - ProcessMany founders and startup companies know the problem of “focusing”. Finally, one has made the decision and has taken the courage to start one’s own company and offer its own services and products, s/he quickly realizes that s/he has to take too much care of the administration, the bills and the phone instead of focussing on customer acquisition and marketing. Even established companies are very much distracted by the pitfalls of technology and thus lose precious time as well as customers. The task of the IT department is to keep the company technically up-to-date. The focus should be on uninterrupted connectivity to Customer Relationship Management Tools, the Enterprise Resource Planning Tool, and the network, servers, and privacy protection. User problems such as the use of software or hardware issues should be resolved quickly and efficiently by external experts.

This is where we come into play: Our young team with a huge amount of expertise supports you as a company and also individually with questions about software and hardware. Our service includes not only desktop applications, but also mobile apps. Our personal assistants, who are happy to answer all your technical questions, give you the opportunity to take care of your core business, your company and your dream. We work remotely and support you at all times.